Apple Needs a Faster Refresh Cycle

Aug 20, 2014

I believe Apple needs a faster refresh cycle for their products. When you boil it all down, they do have a lot of releases throughout the year, but they tend to bottle up many changes until the next "major" release. This has the downside of slowing down how quickly they can keep their products updated in between these major releases, and I believe that it distracts them from a more fluid, organic release schedule. Furthermore, attention for small fixes and improvements can become completely overshadowed because focus is always on the bigger releses.

One such area is the Finder Info window. The "Sharing & Permissions" panel is very buggy and difficult to use when opened as an inspector instead of in a regular window. This problem has persisted for many years. I shake my head wondering how such an important application as the Finder can be so neglected in these lesser-used ways.

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