Yosemite Public Beta 2 - Ongoing Thoughts

Aug 21, 2014

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on my ongoing thoughts about Yosemite and what appears to be Apple's public-facing focus. A Mac has always been "better" (in my opinion) because of the look AND the feel of the interface. Clicking buttons, opening menus... everything just felt "good and right" to me. Solid. Natural. Enter Yosemite and its new flatter appearance. I think Apple has lost their mojo with this upgrade. To me, the interface no longer feels the same. Buttons don't look nor feel like buttons. They don't visually respond like buttons. Text fields exist at the same "depth plane" as buttons. I'm at a loss for understanding the leadership decisions behind this drastic change (and downgrade).

I know humans are adaptable and we will adapt. We will learn to accept the new user interface as Apple has designed, but I'm not happy.

Just to draw out one example from Yosemite Public Beta 2, the System Preferences application has received some visual changes. But there's still one glaring oversight and it baffles my mind how developers can completely disregard this. The "Show All" button is visible even when all preference options are shown. Clicking the button does nothing. I know this has been the case in past versions of OS X, as well, but isn't it time to fix this? Isn't it time to make the interface logical? Instead, they are investing resources in to designing new (and not much better, sometimes worse) icons for each preference pane.

System Preferences - Yosemite (behind) vs Mavericks (front)

System Preferences application - Yosemite (behind) vs Mavericks (front)


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